Feature update: Action timeout setting in YAML configuration

November 14, 2019

Feature update: Action timeout setting in YAML configuration

A couple of weeks ago we released an update allowing users to manually set the timeout for individual actions. At the same time, the previous limit of 90 minutes (5400 seconds) remains the maximum execution time that can be set in an action. The only exception are notifications which are sent instantly. The feature is available in the Action tab:

Action timeout locationAction timeout location

If 90 minutes is not enough for your workflow, please contact support@buddy.works for a custom limit.

YAML configuration

Previously, the feature was reserved for pipelines configured via the GUI. With today's update, you can configure it in YAML files using the timeout parameter.

If the parameter is not set, it will assume the default 90-minute limit.

Example YAML configurationExample YAML configuration

If you are using YAML with the following actions:

  • K8s Apply
  • Cloudfront invalidation
  • Elastic Beanstalk Monitoring

you need to change the parameters below to timeout as they are deprecated and will no longer be supported in 2020.

  • KUBERNETES_APPLYtimeout_arg
  • CLOUD_FRONTwait_for_completed
  • MONITORwait_if_grey


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Alexander Kus

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