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New feature: Import / export pipelines

October 11, 2017

New feature: Import / export pipelines

As you know very well, we put special emphasis on reducing pains with configuring your CI/CD process. Every delivery pipeline can be configured literally in a dozen of minutes.

This is especially important for those who never tried automation in fear of complicated and time-consuming configuration. Automation veterans, on the other hand, are free to set up their delivery with a YAML file. What we missed, however, was the ability to export and import pipelines from the GUI. For example, if you wanted to move them between workspaces, or make a backup of your process.

As one of our users put it:

We want to actually get rid off the [repository] yaml config due to the circumstance of having different yamls in different branches (we'd like to have a global overview), in that case GUI editing would be way better to avoid unnecessary git management.
Christian Dangl, Head of Technical Development at dasistweb GmbH

We're happy to announce the option is now available in the Pipelines tab:

Location of Import/ExportLocation of Import/Export

Clicking the export option will generate a file with all the details of the selected pipelines. Importing the file will re-create the pipelines in the currently viewed project.

Pipeline configuration filePipeline configuration file

TIP: Buddy is 100% customer driven. If there's a feature or integration you miss, let us know on the livechat or directly at support@buddy.works.


Alexander Kus

Alexander Kus

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