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Pipeline of the Week: .NET Core > Amazon ECR & Node.js > Amazon EC2 by Arsenal

October 6, 2017

Pipeline of the Week: .NET Core > Amazon ECR & Node.js > Amazon EC2 by Arsenal

Arsenal, the newly launched content marketing platform for game developers, broadcasters and influencers, uses Buddy to deploy their Dockerized API service and web portal to Amazon ECR & EC2.

Stack & Challenge

In their project Arsenal employ a mix of various tech: Node.js, NPM, Bower, Gulp, Discord, Amazon EC2, .NET Core, Docker & Amazon ECR.

Arsenal actionsArsenal actions

Arsenal needed a solution that would accommodate all their tech in a single tool. However, the complicated stack made it difficult to configure the delivery of the application. That's why they went for Buddy:

Our reason for choosing Buddy was how it matched perfectly with our chosen technologies as well as to save time that would normally be spent managing our pipeline using other, more complicated, solutions.

Reed Scarfino, Arsenal CEO & Twitch Partner


  • First, the pipeline builds and Dockerizes the .NET Core API service that handles campaigns for their customers. The Docker image is then pushed to the Amazon ECR
  • The next part is building the new version of the web portal with NPM, Bower & Gulp, packing it, and sending to an EC2 instance
  • With everything in place, the apps are reloaded with their new versions
  • The team stays up-to-date of the progress with notifications sent to Discord via a custom web hook

Arsenal pipelineArsenal pipeline

A game of actions

Arsenal come from the gaming community and they did what you would expect from H/C gamers: they played their Continuous Deployment strategy like a seasoned team of FPS veterans, with Buddy making it all dead simple.

.NET Core? Blam! Tango down. NPM, Bower, Gulp? Boom! Triple headshot. Docker? Area secured. Deploy to AWS? Charges fired, mission accomplished. GG guys!

Buddy has allowed us to very quickly and painlessly build a development release cycle that is both dependable and versatile. The simplicity of building our services, Docker containers, and releasing to AWS has been a dream come true.

Once we are further in development, we will be using AWS CloudFront to distribute our website globally. We're excited to explore Buddy's built-in support for CloudFront when we get there.

Reed Scarfino, Arsenal CEO & Twitch Partner

About Arsenal

Connect with the awesome guys from Arsenal.gg: Homepage | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Twitch

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