Although the recent COVID-19 turmoil has catapulted MS Teams as the frontrunner among messaging services, Slack remains the most popular solution among non-corporate teams. Recently, the service decided to abandon message attachments in favor of layout blocks. With this week's release, we are adding this functionality to our Slack action.

Slack action details with layout switchSlack action details with layout switch

What you need to know

  • All actions configured before March 31, 2020, will still use attachments
  • You can switch existing actions to the layout blocks at any time
  • All new Slack actions only support layout blocks
  • Attachments will be supported for as long as Slack doesn't declare them obsolete
  • If you wish to continue using attachments, you can clone existing actions

Switching to layout blocks will NOT convert the message 1:1. Instead, the default Buddy template will be applied. Make sure to refill it with the same data that you had before!

Buddy layout blog templateBuddy layout blog template

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