From Beanstalk to Buddy in one weekend

April 3, 2020

From Beanstalk to Buddy in one weekend

Kyle Carlson is the lead developer at Lifted Logic, a web design, SEO & web development agency in Kansas City, USA. For a long time he and his team was using Beanstalk for code hosting and deployments. However, with new clients flocking in on the regular basis, the company ultimately hit the tool's limit on the number of repositories. And, in the industry where projects need regular updates, this became more than a nuisance.

[Every time we hit] the repository limit at Beanstalk, it meant backing up an old repository and deleting it off that platform to make space for new builds. We build hundreds of custom WordPress themes, proprietary plug-ins, and Laravel applications. Each of these builds needs it own repository, and may be deployed to multiple environments. We do ongoing fixes and change orders, so we need the repos and deployments always set up and ready to go.
Edwin Dayot, Web Developer
Edwin Dayot, Web Developer

After a good deal of research, the company decided to give a shot to Buddy. The team liked the possibilities offered by Buddy's actions, allowing them to easily extend the delivery process from simple deployments to builds, tests, and various custom tasks. Of course, solving the problem with the repository limit remained the priority:

Buddy can host our repositories and provides more repositories that it's competitors, [and] having everything in one place is important to us.
Edwin Dayot, Web Developer
Edwin Dayot, Web Developer

Problems with migration to another CI/CD tool

The actual act of switching to a new CI/CD tool is not as easy as it sounds. Even if you decide to go for something that gets the job done and doesn't kill your budget at the same time, other types of problems arise:

  • How do we upgrade our process without disrupting the workflow?
  • How long will the team learn to use the new tool?
  • Is it even possible to automate it, or do we need to do everything manually?

With those questions in mind and 350 repositories at hand, Kyle decided to reach out to us. Which was the right thing to do because at Buddy we can turn migration into a breeze.

How Buddy solves migration problems

  • The migration is based on the Beanstalk's API. This means that all repositories, environments, and servers can be reproduced into Buddy as projects with accompanying pipelines.
  • The whole process is fully automatic and requires no effort from the user.
  • There's no need to make long-term decisions: we can migrate one project as a proof of concept, and move the rest once you are ready.
  • Just like in Beanstalk, you can host the source code on Buddy and keep everything in one place.

The whole operation was performed over weekend. The team felt no impact to the workflow and was immediately able to pick up where they left with no training required:

Being able to mass migrate 350 repositories from Beanstalk to Buddy along with each of their deployments converted into Buddy pipelines saved us a lot of time. The migration caused no downtime for development - we could immediately start working with the repos on Buddy and deploying code. The Buddy UI is extremely clean and intuitive.
Edwin Dayot, Web Developer
Edwin Dayot, Web Developer

And this is the best we could ever hear from a new user. With the deployments already in place, we cannot wait to see how the team will utilize other features of Buddy. Test automation? Builds? Docker? The move is on you, Kyle!

Ready to make the move?

Regardless of the tool you are using - be it Beanstalk, Deploybot, DeployHQ, Travis, or Circleci - if you want to move your projects to Buddy, our team will be happy to assist you in the process. This applies to companies with a large number of repositories and deployment servers, but also to those users who need help reproducing their workflow into Buddy's pipelines. All you need to do is send a message to with a short description of what you want to move and where. Then, our developers will examine your account and propose a date of possible migration.

Once you confirm, the rest is on us.


Alexander Kus

Alexander Kus

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