Introducing: Refreshed Pipelines

April 20, 2017

Introducing: Refreshed Pipelines

Once we started working on the Sandboxes it soon occured that it will bring a number of new UI elements that may disturb the delicate balance between the aesthetics and usability.

That's when we decided to give the Pipelines view a general overhaul. We have examined the most common UI/UX requests from the community and confronted it with the navigation we have designed for the sandboxes. The result is a compact quick-access menu with the most important stuff gathered in one place.

Here's how the menu looks right now:

Current Pipelines viewCurrent Pipelines view

Here's how it's going to look after next week's release:

New Pipelines viewNew Pipelines view

New Menu Items

  1. Action list and Pipeline Settings – according to your feedback, finding the way to edit the details of an existing pipeline could prove confusing. Now both options are available as quick-access icons.

  2. Filesystem browse – together with the list of executions, the most commonly accessed view in the Pipelines tab. This is where you browse artifacts generated by the build, and define static files (eg. configs). Initially in the right column, now available under a dedicated button.

  3. Environmental variables – with over 60% of pipelines already using the variables and even more people asking about them on our support channels, we have decided to give it more exposure in the menu.

  4. Statistics – a very useful feature, especially when combined with website monitoring actions. We hope giving it more exposure will encourage developers to use it – a single glimpse at the build time statistics may tell you more than time-consuming log analyses.

We hope you'll grown fond of the new menu as much as we have during the tests. Looking forward to your feedback when the update rolls out next week!


Alexander Kus

Alexander Kus

Customer Success Manager

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