Introducing: phpMyAdmin in Sandboxes

February 15, 2018

Introducing: phpMyAdmin in Sandboxes

UPDATE: December 2018 After one year of testing, we have decided to shut down the beta of Sandboxes. Using the feedback that we gathered, we are currently working on a new and improved version of the test environment feature. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for news and updates on the release date.

Since their launch in December last year, the Sandboxes feature has been steadily developed.

Last week, we delivered database seeding. Today, we release the most popular database management tool for you to use.

How to use phpMyAdmin in Sandboxes

The tool allows you to manage data in MySQL and MariaDB services. First, you need to add it to your sandbox as a new service. You can define the version and the amount of RAM to spend:

Once the service is added, open the URL in the browser and log in by providing the Username and Password that you defined during the setup of MySQL/MariaDB:

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