New action: Docker Push

March 1, 2018

New action: Docker Push

We've been on fire with Docker lately and we don't think of slowing down 🔥

Two weeks ago we added the Run Docker Image action. Today, we ship yet another one: Push Docker Image to Registry.

Docker actionsDocker actions

Some of you 🐳 lovers may recall that it's been already possible to push Docker images with the Docker Build action. However, the action requires you to build the image before every push, which might be very time-consuming in some cases, for example when you want to:

  • Push the image to several registries at once
  • Execute a more complex scenario, e.g. Build Docker image → Push with stage tag → Run tests → Push to Production if the tests have passed

Both cases can now be solved by adding Docker Push to the pipeline. First, you choose the action where the image is built, then select the target registry. You run the pipeline, Buddy pushes the image, sh*t gets done. Simple as that. 😎

INFO: We support any Docker registry, including private ones, with dedicated support for Docker Hub, AWS ECR and Google GCR.

Configuring Docker Push actionConfiguring Docker Push action

The screen below shows an example workflow in which Buddy builds a Docker image and pushes it to 3 different ECR regions:

Pipeline examplePipeline example


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