CI/CD Stories: Automating Drupal delivery with Druid

March 8, 2018

CI/CD Stories: Automating Drupal delivery with Druid

CI/CD Stories are articles in which we show how companies use Buddy to optimize website delivery.

A significant part of our clients are small and medium webshops who don't need complicated enterprise software. For them, simple and lightweight Buddy is the perfect DevOps tool.

One of such companies is Druid, a software house from Helsinki, Finland. In addition to regular druid stuff (blood magic, shapeshifting to bears, summoning golems, etc.) the team specializes in Drupal websites and projects.

The problem

Any developer dealing with Drupal knows its complexity can be a challenge:

Our main case so far has been deploying Drupal sites to different environments, as Drupal sites usually are based on lots of contrib modules downloaded.
Marko Korhonen, CTO at Druid
Marko Korhonen, CTO at Druid

The solution

The folks at Druid worked out a solution that works well across all Drupal-based projects:

We use builder software to download all the things we need, and then link environment specific configuration to it (settings file etc). We do all this in one Docker-based action, which then gives us an artifact file to deploy to a server. There we do release management utilizing Buddy’s execution ID.
Marko Korhonen, CTO at Druid
Marko Korhonen, CTO at Druid

The result is a well-thought pipeline with self-explanatory process:

Druid pipelineDruid pipeline

The artifact is built and packed in a PHP container with Composer and Drush installed:

Druid PHP containerDruid PHP container

The pipeline is also secured for unexpected failures with a bunch of conditional notifications:

Notification pipelineNotification pipeline

Awesome work guys, you really did bring some druidic wisdom to the table!

About Druid

Connect with the awesome team at Druid: Homepage | Facebook | Twitter

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