Orchestrate containers on DigitalOcean Kubernetes

June 18, 2020

Orchestrate containers on DigitalOcean Kubernetes

With this week's release, we expand the roster of supported clusters with DigitalOcean Kubernetes. We love the simplistic approach of DigitalOcean towards cloud computing as it perfectly aligns with our conception of DevOps and CI/CD. The more happy we are to deliver the official DigitalOcean integration to the set of actions that will let you easily update and manage your apps on Kubernetes clusters.

Example workflow

A typical set of Kubernetes operations looks like this:

  1. Edit application code or configuration YAML
  2. Push changes to your Git repository
  3. Build a new Docker image with the updated files
  4. Authenticate in your K8s cluster
  5. Run kubectl apply or kubectl set image
With Buddy you can create a pipeline that will automatically build and update your Docker images on the selected DigitalOcean cluster on every push to Git.

DigitalOcean Kubernetes pipelineDigitalOcean Kubernetes pipeline


Click a Kubernetes action to open its configuration details. Select DigitalOcean as the target cluster and choose the integration with which you want to authenticate:

Buddy K8s action rosterBuddy K8s action roster

In case you don't have any integrations, you can easily add a new one:

Adding DigitalOcean integrationAdding DigitalOcean integration

Kubernetes in Buddy

Currently Buddy offers six actions that lets developers manage K8s tasks:

Buddy K8s action rosterBuddy K8s action roster

  1. Run K8s Pod – runs a single process (pod) on your cluster
  2. Run K8s Job – runs a series of pods and ensures that a specified number of them successfully terminate
  3. Apply K8s Deployment – transforms the containers to the desired state described in the config file
  4. Set K8s Image – updates the image of containers with the selected Docker image
  5. Kubernetes CLI – runs commands with kubectl on your clusters
  6. Run Helm CMDs – runs Helm commands via kubectl
You can see how each action works in detail in our Kubernetes automation guide.

DigitalOcean in Buddy

On top of Kubernetes, Buddy lets you automate deployments to DigitalOcean droplets. All you need to do is authenticate in your DO account, select the target droplet, and provide login/pass credentials:

DigitalOcean deploymentDigitalOcean deployment

Buddy is 100% customer driven. If there’s a feature or integration you miss, let us know in the comments below or directly at support@buddy.works.


Alexander Kus

Alexander Kus

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