New feature: Bulk assignments

March 4, 2020

New feature: Bulk assignments

Buddy offers excellent CI/CD solutions for a wide variety of users: from small companies and freelancers to large software-houses and enterprises. The more people and projects to run, however, the harder it is to manage permissions within the company. To make this problem less of a nuisance, we've introduced a new feature that will help you manage your project members and their access levels.

If you want to define specifically what a user can do and cannot do within one project, have a look at our documentation on custom permissions and pipeline visibility.

Workspace member access management

To manage which projects a member can access, go to the People tab on the workspace's dashboard, click the desired user, and switch to their Projects tab. Here, you will find a list of all projects in the workspace with the information which projects the user is assigned to and with what permissions.

User project profileUser project profile

This feature is restricted to workspace admins only. Other members will only see the list of projects which they share with other users.

At the top of the list is the total number of the projects the user is assigned to. Clicking the number will open up a box with project access settings:

User bulk assignment settingsUser bulk assignment settings

This menu will allow you to:

  • Add the user to every project to which he/she is not currently assigned with a specific role
  • Change user's role in all currently assigned projects
  • Remove the user from all projects

Types of bulk updatesTypes of bulk updates

Group member access management

When you are managing a large team, you might find it useful to assign users to various groups. One user can be a part of multiple groups simultaneously. For example, you can divide your group members by role: Frontend, Backend AND QA. You can create a new group in the workspace's People tab

Creating a new groupCreating a new group

Now, you can assign an entire group to a project simply by entering the group'S name in the project's Team tab:

Assigning group to a projectAssigning group to a project

The group's profile page also features the 'Projects' tab. Here, you can update group member's project assignments and access levels in bulk:

Group settings pageGroup settings page

Using the bulk assignment feature will allow you to:

  • Add all group members to all the projects that contain at least one group member
  • Add all group members to all the projects they are not a part of
  • Bulk update group members' permissions
  • Remove all group members from all the projects they are assigned to
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