Feature roadmap for June 2017

June 7, 2017

Feature roadmap for June 2017

UPDATE: December 2018 After one year of testing, we have decided to shut down the beta of Sandboxes. Using the feedback that we gathered, we are currently working on a new and improved version of the test environment feature. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for news and updates on the release date.

It's been a busy couple of months for the team at Buddy.

As you can learn from our weekly newsletter, we're doing our best to drop new features regularly, their priority always reflecting current demand from the community. Here's a few words on what we're working on at the moment, and what we're cooking for the months to come.

Current development

  1. Sandboxes — this is the biggest thing since the introduction of builds over a year ago. In short, the Sandboxes allow you to run apps directly from Git repository without the need of setting up dev/stage servers.

    A couple of weeks ago we launched a private beta for interested users. We also created a special Slack channel to gather feedback from the early adopters. Kudos to everyone sharing their opinion, you're awesome guys!

You can read more and watch a video about the Sandboxes here.
If you'd like to join our community on Slack and/or are interested in testing the Sandbox feature, drop a line with the URL to your account and we'll activate it on in your account. We also serve standalone installation – just let us know what you use.
  1. Kubernetes integration – in the past month we've been working on this integration with a selected group of K8s users. The result are three actions: Apply K8s deployment config, Set K8s image, Run K8s job/pod. Please mind these actions will be extended over time.
The Kubernetes integration is described in detail in this article.

Future development

In the next month we want to release the following features:

  1. Google Container Engine integration, allowing you to run Docker containers and jobs on the Google architecture.
  2. Docker Swarm integration, that will let you create, manage and deploy your applications in Docker Swarm.
  3. Pipeline breakpoint – this feature will let you define breakpoints in the pipeline, for example you can create a pipeline that will:

    • build the application on a push to the repository
    • run integration tests in the next step
    • when the tests have passed, wait until approved

      The decision to proceed (eg. deploy to the server) will be up to you, allowing you to create semi-automatic pipelines.

  4. New Relic integration, allowing you to gather statistics on builds and deployments in your New Relic instance.

That's be all for a while. If you have any feature request of your own, make sure to drop it in the comments or directly to support@buddy.works – we read and respond to every single email.


Alexander Kus

Alexander Kus

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