Webinar #3

March 9th, 2021

Length: 1h 1 min

How to automate Git like a Master Developer

Join the CEO of Tower and the CTO of Buddy and learn how to improve your day-to-day work with Git.

Who is this webinar for:


Regardless if your experience with Git, this webinar will help you sort out your knowledge, select a Git workflow that matches your needs, and automate delivery by properly introducing CI/CD.

DevOps Engineers

Learn how to cut down on the costs and deliver more software faster by optimizing your tools and processes.

Git Lovers

With version control being the centerpiece of CI/CD, getting the most out of Git is essential to getting the most of your tools.

What you're going to learn:

  • Manage different Git workflows: Gitflow, GitHub Flow, trunk-based development
  • Automate work with branches, tags, pull requests, and forks
  • Manage security in repository and delivery processes
  • Use automation to save time on repeatable tasks
  • Reduce stress by minimizing the risk of errors
  • Secure work with branch protection
  • The basics and good practices of CI/CD


00:00  Introduction

03:24  Why should I care?

05:38  Build the right thing

07:50  Save time

09:02  Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment

14:50  Building a pipeline for a static React website

19:26  Running a pipeline

23:32  Tests

24:55  Adding a test to your build pipeline

28:17  Managing multiple branches

37:00  Git settings

38:50  Debugging our app

43:50  Undetectable mistakes

46:45  Creating a staging environment with Sandboxes

52:24  Visual tests

59:08  Summary

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