Deploy your static
WordPress site

Learn how to automate your static WordPress
site deployments using Buddy and Strattic

9th April, 2021 at 06:00 PM CET

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Who is the
webinar for

WordPress Beginners

  • You will learn how to easily deploy your WordPress code to
    an environment other than your laptop

Developers and Project Leads

  • If you are currently on a lookout for Git and CI/CD solutions

Git beginners

  • Learn easier and more refined ways of deploying your files
    than FTP upload

Featured speakers:

Nate Finch - Senior WordPress Engineer, Strattic

Nate Finch,
Senior WordPress
Engineer, Strattic

Maciej Palmowski - WordPress Ambassador, Buddy

Maciej Palmowski,
Ambassador, Buddy

What you're going to learn:

Learn about Strattic's seamless publish-to-static system
Explore built in Strattic features like search and
contact forms in a static environment
Git version control, so suggestions and same
gitignores for managing your repository
How to use Strattic to publish your static
WordPress site
How to compile your SCSS and JavaScript files
How to create and properly manage your Git
How to integrate Strattic with Buddy
How to properly test and monitor your site
after the deployment
How does Strattic's publish-to-static system

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