How to manage
Jamstack delivery
like a DevOps pro

Learn how to properly test and stage your
NextJS application and use GitHub pull requests
to create a seamless delivery workflow.

Dwayne McDaniel and Maciej Palmowski

This webinar is a followup to our collaboration webinar hosted on GitKraken at June 22, 2021. By registering for any of these events, you are consenting to share your email address with both companies.

June 30th, 2021
at 9:00am PT
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Who is the
webinar for

DevOps and project leads

  • Learn how automation can help your team release better
    quality software in shorter cycles.

NextJS developers

  • Regardless if you're seasoned or just starting, there's a 100%
    chance you'll learn something new and useful.

Git users

  • Learn how to apply CI/CD to get the most of your Git workflow.
Dwayne McDaniel, GitKraken Developer Evangelist

Dwayne McDaniel,
GitKraken Developer

Maciej Palmowski - WordPress Ambassador, Buddy

Maciej Palmowski,
Ambassador, Buddy

What you're going to learn:

  • See how to visualize the whole delivery process from the initial build to post-deployment monitoring with Buddy's pipelines

  • Learn about the benefits of using the GitKraken Git GUI for better code management

  • How to add some built-in tests (Visual tests, 404¬†checker, Lighthouse test) to your deployment pipeline

  • How to use Buddy's Sandbox feature to preview your Jamstack website without staging infrastructure

  • How to integrate Buddy with GitHub and manage GitHub Pull Requests without needing to open the GitHub website

  • How to create a simple test and automate it with Buddy

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