Faster & easier
alternative to Deploybot

New features every week
99,8% total service uptime
Faster builds, tests and releases
Improved team management & security

Integrates with


GUI configuration

YAML configuration

Run on branch push

Run on tag push

Run on specific time

Docker support

build, push and use own images

Team permissions and manual approvals

Trigger conditions

Concurrent pipelines

Parallel actions

Visual tests


MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Postgres, Elastic, Selenium & more...

Static site generators

Hexo, Hugo, Jekyll, Middleman

On-Premises installation

Deployments FTP / SFTP

FTP/SFTP, DigitalOcean, Upcloud, Vultr

FTP/SFTP, DigitalOcean

AWS integration

S3, Cloudfront, ElasticBeanstalk, CodeDeploy, Lambda, ECS, CloudFormation, CLI

S3, Cloudfront, ElasticBeanstalk

Google Cloud integration

Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, App Engine, Firebase, Functions, CDN, CLI

Azure integration

App service

SSH comands

Deployment monitoring

New Relic, Bugsnag, Rollbar, Datadog, Sentry, Loggly, Raygun, Honeybadger, Lighthouse & Ghost Inspector

New Relic, Bugsnag



Deploy + CLI




Deploy + Toolkit CLI


Git hosting

Git hosting integrations

GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab

GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab

Max servers per account



Max repositories



Max users



Android support

Android SDK, Ionic, React Native, Flutter, Google Play


Slack, Telegram, Discord, email & mobile

Basecamp & Slack

We'll handle
the busywork

Build complex pipelines in minutes

Over 20 dedicated integrations

Integrate easily with Docker, Azure, AWS,
GCD, Digitalocean, Datadog, Cloudflare,
Shopify and more
See all integrations…

Over 100 ready-to-use actions

Automate your workflow with a vast library
of deployment, laaS, build and monitoring actions
See all actions…

Concurrent pipelines & parallel actions

Run multiple executions at the same time
and speed up your delivery process
Learn more…
Script-free configuration
Script-free configuration

Advanced team
management tools

Customizable permissions

Manage pipeline and workspace access for
your team members and enforce approval
requirement for specific executions
Learn more…

Manual approvals

Restrict builds to require a manual approval
by selected team members
Learn more…

SSO and LDAP support

Easily manage users between Buddy and
your authentication servers

Migration is
fully covered
by our team

100% automated by our team
The data is fetched through API by our team
Migrate one project as a proof-of-concept
and move the rest once you’re ready

“We used DeployBot for the longest time but we just had so many inexplicable
issues and frustratingly timed downtime along with slow response times. Buddy
has wiped the floor on all of these points. It takes a much more user focussed
approach to deployment, giving you all the bits and pieces needed to construct
a deployment/build system exactly how you need it”.

Joshua Davenport

Lead Developer at @The Glass House Projectf

@The Glass House Projectf

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Over 104 reviews

4.6 / 5


Over 117 reviews

4.8 / 5


Over 50 reviews

4.8 / 5

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Buddy improve team management and security?

Buddy offers a wide range of team management tools. Integration scopes, user groups, permissions and activity monitoring will help you organize your workflow and increase overall security of your project.

Does Buddy support Docker on the free plan?

Yes, Buddy offers a full Docker support for all plans without any extra fees.

Is Buddy free to use?

Buddy starts off with a 14-day trial. During this time you can check out our platform using the resources of our PRO plan. Once your trial comes to an end, you can select a free plan with slightly reduced resources and continue using Buddy uninterrupted.

What effect does Docker layer caching have on my builds?

Thanks to the way that Docker layers are cached in Buddy greatly impacts your overall build speed. Whenever you build a new Docker layer, it will keep using the cached version for as long as nothing was changed.

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Easy configuration via GUI & YAML

First-class Docker support

Continuous Deployment for GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and more

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