The simpler alternative to Travis CI and CircleCI

Buddy expands on the features of CircleCI and Travis allowing your team to ship more software in shorter time.

  • 10-minute configuration

  • Free Docker support

  • Supports Linux, Windows & iOS

  • Open-source & private repos

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Travis CI vs CircleCI vs Buddy

FTP deployment

Limited / Plugin

Limited / Plugin

SFTP deployment

Limited / Plugin

Limited / Plugin

Manual deployment approval

Sandboxes (dynamic test environments)


Database testing and services


Artifacts support

Multi-repo pipeline support


Dependency caching

Limited / Plugin


Docker layer caching


Paid extra

Dedicated support for Android builds and deploy


Dedicated support for iOS builds and deploy


Docker environment

Paid extra

Linux VM environment

Trusted by 10,000+ developers

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  • rakuten
  • Costa
  • Sonar Source
Switching to Buddy is easy

Easy onboarding

  • No DevOps experience required

  • One-click installation

  • Works with your stack

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Native integrations with your tools

  • Git

  • Cloud

  • IaaS & PaaS

  • Build Tools & Task Runners

  • Tests

  • Databases

  • Colaboration

  • Monitoring & Performance

Your gateway to automation

  • Screenshot of pipeline: test and deploy to stage

    DevOps made easy

    • 10-minute configuration

      Create delivery pipelines in minutes from 100+ actions in a fully visualized pipeline editor.

    • Dynamic test environments

      Preview websites from Git with no dedicated staging infrastructure and get feedback from your clients faster.

    • 30+ integrations

      Automate your workflow with a vast library of deployment, laaS, build and monitoring services.

  • Screenshot of pipelines in Buddy


    • Reduce costs

      Intuitive UI/UX allows any developer to create and manage pipelines - no need to hire a full-time DevOps engineer to manage your pipelines.

    • Multi-platform support

      Build websites in Linux-based containers, develop .NET on Windows VMs, and deliver awesome Android and iOS apps - available at no charge on all plans.

    • Free Docker layer caching

      Docker layers are cached by default on all plans at no additional cost.

  • Screenshot of YAML configuration in Buddy

    All bases covered

    • Certified security

      Buddy is SOC2 Type 2 certified and runs on PCI-compliant AWS architecture. Plus, you can always install it on your own server.

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    • Open-source and private

      Buddy supports both private and open-source repositories, allowing you to run business and community projects in one ecosystem.

    • YAML support

      Create pipelines and export configuration to YAML in a couple of clicks - or code everything top to bottom yourself.

“Buddy is a relief for every developer. It's very easy to setup a pipeline for a server and there are tons of possibilities on how to build or deploy your website. We use Buddy for every website since 2020 and it saved us lots of time!”

René L


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the direct benefit of switching to Buddy?

    In short, you get a service that:
    1. Is fast as hell. No, seriously. Sign up and check.
    2. Can be used by anybody on the team regardless of experience.
    3. Helps you ship more software in shorter time.
    4. Requires no dedicated DevOps engineer.
    5. Supports all the newest tech, including serverless deployments, NoOps, ChatOps and Kubernetes.
    6. Has a support team that cares for you. ❤️
    7. Will serve you for years.
  • I prefer configuration-as-code. Does Buddy support that?

    Yes. The UI is fully optional and you can stick to code configuration from the very beginning if you wish. Everything is covered in the documentation. Secondly, you can configure the pipeline in the UI and automatically export your settings to YAML to save time. Lastly, you can switch between both modes in a click, so the decision is never fixed.
  • Does Buddy support open-source repositories?

    Yes, Buddy supports both open-source and private projects. You can also enable read-only access to pipelines and executions and share it in your repository on GitHub.
  • Does Buddy have a free plan?

    Buddy offers a free tier with 5 projects and 120 pipeline executions per month. You can upgrade to a higher plan with unlimited executions and more RAM, vCPUs, and parallel builds at any time. All new accounts start with 14 days of trial with 3GB of RAM per container, allowing you for intense and unrestricted testing.
  • Is there a self-hosted version of Buddy?

    Yes, Buddy offers a standalone license. The self-hosted version can be installed on your own server or on any cloud service (e.g. DigitalOcean, AWS, Azure). Feature-wise, there are no differences between the cloud and standalone versions of our app.

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