New Documentation has landed! πŸ“š

September 3, 2019

New Documentation has landed! πŸ“š

We're excited to announce that after six months of work we have released a brand new documentation for Buddy. With the service growing at insane speed and new features released every week, the docs in their current form were no longer serving their purpose, especially for experienced developers looking for specific features, or those having a hard time trying to look things up.

New navigation

All articles have been reorganized for more intuitive navigation. We have added new (collapsable) categories and tiles with descriptions on category views, and some articles have been merged and moved to different directories.

For example, all articles that involve authorizing in private package managers have been moved to the Private dependencies category in the Pipelines section.

There are 12 categories in the menu:

  • Quickstart – tutorials on creating delivery pipelines for a specific stack or framework
  • Deployments – instructions on setting up deployments to services supported by Buddy
  • Pipelines – the biggest section in terms of content: a breakdown of all pipeline features
  • Pipeline examples – common use cases in delivery automation reproduced into pipelines
  • Docker – building and using Docker images (K8s coming soon)
  • Collaboration – team management, activity streams, and permission settings
  • Integrations – the list of supported integrations with configuration details
  • Account Settings – workspace, payment, and invoice management
  • Buddy Git Hosting – the features of Buddy's version control explained
  • Buddy On-Premises – running Buddy on your own server: from installation to configuring integration apps
  • YAML – configuration by code: YAML schema, generator, and actions explained
  • FAQ – frequently asked questions, filled on-the-fly by our support agents
We have also updated Buddy's REST API documentation with new actions and integrations, and new formatting for better display.

Documentation OverviewDocumentation Overview

New layout

The article layout have been redesigned from scratch to embrace new formatting and make it easier to read. The changes include new lighter fonts, colored hint boxes, syntax highlighting, more bullet lists, and cleaner looks of tables. The headers are reproduced into a dynamic table of contents in the right column.


New screenshots

We have tried gifs, we have tried videos, but there's nothing better than a super-massive Ultra-High Definition screenshot that you can print directly onto your office wall to bask in its grandeur. There are still some SDR images left here and there (and even some gifs!), but they too are going to be replaced.


New titles

Although Googlebots love the 'how to' phrase ("how to rollback a deployment and make it look it wasn't me"), we have decided to drop it from the article titles in favor of short and telling names. This way you can easily click things up from the corresponding category without referring to Google or browser search.


Header anchors

Paragraphs can be easily shared by copying anchor links. Just hover your mouse over the paragraph and click the copy icon.

Header anchorsHeader anchors

If a topic is expanded in other articles or is a part of a larger whole, you will find related the articles in the See also section at the bottom. A good example are environment variables which can be used in numerous places across the whole workspace. We have also added a lot of internal links to help newcomers learn the core elements of the service.

Related ArticlesRelated Articles

Search tool

The search tool at the top allows you to quickly look up phrases and topics.

Search ToolSearch Tool

That's it – hope you like the changes!


Alexander Kus

Alexander Kus

Customer Success Manager

A story-teller and conversation-lover, Alexander decided to invest his skills to help his friends at Buddy transform the cold language of patch notes into exciting narratives. Also: an avid gamer, hip-hop DJ, Liverpool FC fan, absentminded husband, and the father of two.