New action: Helm

January 17, 2020

New action: Helm

Thanks to Buddy and our dedicated integrations, Kubernetes deployments are more accessible than ever. Now we are adding another piece to the puzzle - Run Helm CMDs action.

This action will allow you to build your Helm chart. Push it to your repository (which is effortless due to our dedicated S3 and GCS support) and set it up in your K8s cluster. You can find in the Kubernetes section of our action roster


Helm action comes with a wide array of predefined features that allow for painless setup:

  • Preinstalled kubectl in the version of your choice
  • Preinstalled Helm in the version of your choice
  • Preinstalled selected Helm plugins
  • Preconfigured access to your K8s cluster with dedicated support for GKE, Amazon AKS and Azure AKS
  • Preconfigured access to your Helm chart repository with dedicated support for Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage

Pipeline example

Pipeline examplePipeline example

You can use Helm action to create a chart versioning pipeline that will run on every push to a specific path in your repository.

  • The first action will build your Helm chart: Run commandsRun commands

  • Secondly, you want your new chart version to be pushed to your repository Run commandsRun commands

  • Finally deploy your Helm chart to your K8s cluster: Run commandsRun commands

Action settings

'Setup' tab'Setup' tab

  1. Cluster selection and authorization
  2. Commands run on every pipeline execution
  3. Kubectl version selection

'Helm' tab'Helm' tab

  1. Helm version selection
  2. Helm plugins. You can also install additional apps and packages here.
  3. If you are using AWS S3 or GCS ans your Helm chart repositories, you can authorize them here


Alexander Kus

Alexander Kus

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