Introducing new action: Flutter

January 21, 2020 | Last updated: September 21, 2020

Introducing new action: Flutter

Buddy is constantly expanding its Android actions roster. This week we have added Flutter - a Google's toolkit for amazing native mobile, web and desktop applications.

Android actionsAndroid actions

Buddy allows developers to automate their delivery process and reduce the entire ordeal to a single button press. And yes, this includes building an app with Flutter, testing and signing Android APK packages and releasing them to Google Play. Here's a simple pipeline example:

Pipeline examplePipeline example

The action uses Docker containers as a development environment for builds. In the 'Environment' tab you can choose the image and its version as well as install missing packages and add additiona commands required for the execution:

React action Environment Customization tabReact action Environment Customization tab

Need help setting up your workflow?

Reach out on the Intercom or drop a word to with a short description of your workflow and we'll show you how to configure a pipeline for your process.


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Alexander Kus

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