New feature: In-app workspace messages 📬

September 29, 2022

New feature: In-app workspace messages 📬

This feature is currently in beta which means it contains essential options only. Feel free to let us know how we can expand it to make it more useful!

Getting the message delivered to everybody on the team is crucial to running business, especially when working with developers who love to use a separate tool for every encountered issue, including messaging services. To help the managers deal with that, we added an option to send in-app messages in Buddy.

How it works

The messages can be sent by any user with access to the Workspace Settings tab where it currently resides near the bottom (i.e. workspace owner and admins):

Composing message

Clicking the + button launches a window in which you can compose your message. The message body supports Markdown formatting, so feel free to add links, bolds, emojis 👻 and code if desired:

To add an extra <br> between the lines, use the forward slash / (see screenshot above).


To see how your message looks before sending, click the Preview button:

Posting & Expiration date

Clicking Add notification will post the message and display it to the selected users upon browser refresh. The message stays open until the user manually closes it. You can set the expiration date in the last field at the bottom:

Adding colors

Color coding lets you easily point out how important your notification is. Just don't paint everything red, or your team will quickly get used to it and start closing your messages without reading! 😉

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Alexander Kus

Alexander Kus

Customer Success Manager

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