Introducing: New authorization method for Google Kubernetes Engine.

May 29, 2018

Introducing: New authorization method for Google Kubernetes Engine.

With over 15 years of experience with running large-scale workloads, Google decided to open its cluster-management system to the public in 2014. Since then, Kubernetes has become the definite choice for users seeking a scalable and portable solution to run their apps.

One of the most popular cluster solutions is Google Kubernetes Engine, a managed service that facilitates running K8s on Google Cloud without the need to install and operate your own K8s clusters. Buddy integrates with GKE, allowing you to streamline complex K8s configuration down to a single push to Git.

How the integration works

Once you authenticate in your Google account, Buddy fetches the available projects from the Google's API. Then, you can use the Kubernetes actions to automate your tasks: apply deploy config, update containers, run pods and jobs, and run custom commands. Here is an example delivery pipeline:

Pipeline examplePipeline example

A pipeline such as the above can be run automatically on every push to the selected branch, on click, or recurrently.

New authorization method

Until now, cluster authorization was performed via SSL certificates fetched from the Google’s API. Recently Goolge has marked this auth mode as Legacy Authentication and disabled it by default. With today’s release, we have added a new auth mode: Basic authorization (all auth data is fetched from Google's—you don't need to enter it manually).

The data will be automatically filled across all Kubernetes actions once you add the Google integration – you just choose the authentication method.
We are going to add Service Account authorization shortly. Stay tuned!

Need help setting up your workflow?

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