Introducing: Multi-condition triggers for pipelines

October 28, 2021

Introducing: Multi-condition triggers for pipelines

Almost four years ago our pipelines received the trigger-condition treatment. Initially, you could only apply conditions to repository events, i.e. run a pipeline on the condition that a concrete file, path, or file type in the repository was modified. Next, we added variable conditions. This included settable variables, which means you could set up a specific value for the variable that will define whether the next action will run or not. The last step was adding conditions for week days and hours.

This time, in response to numerous requests, we decided to add yet another improvement that will help you fine-tune your pipelines to run exactly when required: logical condition strings connected with OR and AND.

Use case

An example use case involves a pipeline that tests and builds an application, and then runs another pipeline that will deploy the app to the selected server.

The general idea is that the first pipeline should run automatically on every push the master. However, the deployment should only be made during the working hours of the team to rule out an accidental release if some dev decides to tinker with the project after hours (we all know how it ends).

To set up these conditions, we need to go to the deployment pipeline and switch to – you guessed it – the Conditions tab:

Here we can easily set the conditions according to the pattern DAY is M,T,W,T,F && HOUR is 9 -> 18 from the newly updated Buddy's UI:

Piece of cake! 🍰

For now, the functionality is available for whole pipelines only. It will be introduced to individual actions soon.
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Alexander Kus

Alexander Kus

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