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Introducing: Integration management scopes

February 13, 2020

Introducing: Integration management scopes

In response to popular (and long-drawn) demand, we're happy to announce that it is now possible to define the management scope of integrations with third party applications. Until now, only the integration owner could add and edit actions that required an integration. For example, if a company had an account on Amazon, only the user with the access data to that account could add actions with AWS services.

However, now you can define who is permitted to define new actions with the access data it containts. By default, each integration is added with the Private scope, which is basically the original setting, but there are now 5 scopes to choose from in total:

  • Private – owner of the integration in all workspaces to which he/she belongs
  • Workspace – members of the workspace in which the integration was defined
  • Admin – admins of the workspace in which the integration was defined
  • Group – a selected group of users in the workspace in which the integration was defined
  • Project – all members of the selected workspace project (recommended for YAML configuration)

Enjoy! Alex & The Buddies

Integration details with scope settingsIntegration details with scope settings


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