New feature: Google Container Engine

New feature: Google Container Engine

June 28, 2017

Following our recent Kubernetes integration, we're happy to announce you can now run your containers on Google clusters.

Google Container Engine is a cluster manager and orchestration system run in Google Cloud. It is based on Kubernetes open source container management system and is most often used by software developers for creating enterprise applications that require scalability and performance.

The integration brings four new actions to the table:

Google Container Engine actionsGoogle Container Engine actions

  1. Run GKE Pod
    • runs a single process (pod) on your cluster
  2. Run GKE Job
    • runs a series of pods and ensures that a specified number of them successfully terminate
  3. Apply GKE Deployment
    • transforms the containers to the desired state described in a config file
  4. Set GKE Image
    • updates the image of containers with the selected Docker image

You can see how each action works in detail in our guide covering Kubernetes wokflow automation.


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