AWS CodeDeploy – Deployment status update

November 13, 2017

AWS CodeDeploy – Deployment status update

AWS CodeDeploy enables developers to automate code deployments to Amazon EC2 instances and on-premises servers.

It scales with the cloud infrastructure, allowing to deploy the same application revision to multiple nodes at once across different environments + tracks application health according to configurable rules.

Location of AWS Code DeployLocation of AWS Code Deploy

November update: Check deployment status

The update adds a new option to the action settings that forces the action to wait until the deployment has finished before applying the status icon:

Action settingsAction settings

Previously, Buddy just ran the deployment and moved on without checking the deployment status. Now, it will wait until all files have been uploaded to your nodes before marking the action as successful. If something went wrong (eg. the files contain errors), the action will finish as failed.

TIP: You can add a conditional notification that will keep you posted in case something goes wrong (see below).

Example workflowExample workflow


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