Feature update: Deploy builds to Heroku

November 14, 2017

Feature update: Deploy builds to Heroku

In response to numerous requests from the community, we're happy to announce that our Heroku action now supports build deployments.

Until now, it was only possible to deploy raw files from the repository. With the last release you can use Buddy to build your application first and deploy it to Heroku in its final form with artifacts and dependencies. This solution brings a series of benefits:

  • application downtime is reduced
  • you can test your app before the deployment
  • performance is optimized since every build is performed in an isolated Docker container
  • you can easily expand your workflow beyond Heroku capabilities with 70+ actions, including dedicated builds for every popular language and framework, application monitoring, and notifications

How to build and deploy to Heroku on a push to branch

  1. Sign up to Buddy with your GitHub/Bitbucket account or email
  2. Select your Git provider and choose your project:

    Creating new projectCreating new project

  3. Add and configure a new pipeline:

    • enter the name
    • set the trigger mode to 'On every push'
    • select the branch from which you want to deploy

      Creating a new pipelineCreating a new pipeline

  4. Now it's time to reproduce your workflow with Buddy's actions. Select the build action for your tech and configure the details. In this example we'll use Node.js (You can install tools and dependencies in the Packages & Setup tab):

  5. When ready, add and configure the Heroku action from the IaaS deployment section:

    Deployment actionsDeployment actions

  6. Your workflow should look like this. Notice we've added a conditional notification that will keep us posted in case something goes wrong:

    Pipeline examplePipeline example

When ready, make a push to the assigned branch and watch Buddy build, test and deploy your application:


Alexander Kus

Alexander Kus

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