Ghost Inspector is a tool for an automated testing and monitoring of your website or application. Ghost Inspector runs the tests in a browser to mimic the user experience and ensure that everything is running as it should.


Configuration is very easy and requires obtaining an API key from your Ghost Inspector account:

  1. Log in to Ghost Inspector account
  2. Go to the account Details and copy the API key:

  3. Once done, go to your Buddy project and open the pipeline with the deployment that you want to test.

  4. Press + after the deployment action and select Ghost Inspector from the Performance & App Monitoring section:

  5. Name the integration and paste the previously copied key to the API Key input.

  6. Select your Ghost Inspector account, test suite folder and a specific test suite you want to run.

  7. Click Add this action to finish configuration.

Congratulations! From now on, Buddy will trigger Ghost Inspector tests after each execution.

The full list of parameters you can run your tests with can be found here.

If you need to fine-tune your settings, you can do it in the Options tab:

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