Monitor build status with Datadog Service Check

May 22, 2019

Monitor build status with Datadog Service Check

Buddy offers a dedicated set of actions allowing you to send deployment details to your favorite monitoring service. One of the most popular tools is Datadog, now complemented with an individual action which updates the service with the status of the build after the execution.

App monitoring actionsApp monitoring actions

The action allows you to send the name of the pipeline to the selected Datadog account:

Configuring Datadog actionConfiguring Datadog action

Although the monitor scope (host) is limited to a specific pipeline, you can add tags within the Datadog panel with information about the workspace and the project where the pipeline is located. Click here to learn how to do it.

Since the forwarded status is fixed and cannot be changed, make sure to add the action at the multiple stages of the pipeline:

  • Status: OK – at the very end of the pipeline (sent only if all actions have finished successfully)
  • Status: WARNING – in the 'On failure' section (sent only if something went wrong)

Pipeline ExamplePipeline Example

With everything configured correctly, Buddy will update your status history with every triggered execution:

Datadog panelDatadog panel

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