June 18, 2024



  • Action logs now include separate tabs for warnings and errors
  • Improved phrase search for actions
  • CMD+K (CTRL+K on Windows) now opens the search menu


  • Fixed: Updating workspace settings in multiple tabs did not save properly
  • Fixed: Sometimes, it was not possible to reuse VMs from fixed actions because they were killed prematurely
  • Fixed: When "Run as script" was set in the SSH action, the variable keys were replaced with values before the commands were executed. Now, they are resolved during the run of the action.


Jarek Dylewski

Jarek Dylewski

Customer Support

A journalist and an SEO specialist trying to find himself in the unforgiving world of coders. Gamer, a non-fiction literature fan and obsessive carnivore. Jarek uses his talents to convert the programming lingo into a cohesive and approachable narration.