December 14, 2021


New features

  • New action: Linux VM
  • New action: GitHub CLI
  • New action: Generate variables
  • New integration: GitHub API
  • Excludes in sync paths for all VM actions


  • [Upload to Sandbox] Fixed a bug with the remote path getting saved while browsing even if the user didn't click the Update button


  • [Pipeline cloning] Fixed a bug with the creator of the original pipeline being set as the creator of the clone
  • Fixed an occasional bug with submodules not getting fetched in the 'Prepare environment' phase for GitHub repositories


Tomek Papiernik

Tomek Papiernik

Technical Writer

A philologist with a knack for technology, a technical writer by trade. Dedicated himself to guiding his audience through the labyrinths of technology using everything at hand to make the journey smooth and fruitful. In his spare time, he's an amateur musician dreaming of recording a platinum album.