• [Helm] If the cluster is set to EKS, the repository is set to S3, and both are in different regions, the action assigns the S3 region to the $AWS_DEFAULT_REGION variable
  • If a pipeline is not assigned to any branch (ref_type: "NONE") and contains a Run next pipeline action triggering a pipeline in wildcard mode, the action will be failing with a message that such configuration is not possible


  • [Buddy Enterprise] Fixed a bug with file variables not being loaded to build containers
  • [YAML] If a pipeline was in progress, the execution to follow triggered by git push were made for the HEAD revision instead of the corresponding revision. Fixed
  • If an email address was entered as a login in the adress used for git clone/git fetch/git push to a repository hosted on Buddy, the entries in the access logs were marked as failed despite proper authorization. Fixed