9 October 2018

New feature: Change repository provider

New feature: Change repository provider

Let's assume you're a happy Buddy user with a bunch of meticulously configured pipelines. They are helping you deliver some awesome websites to awesome clients for awesome cash. In general, everything is awesome.

Suddenly, your CEO drops in and says you're moving all your repos from GitHub to GitLab, and so should you with Buddy. "Oh no!" you think "Now I have to export all pipelines to YAML, create a new project for each repo, import the pipelines back in, and pray to the Holy Pixel I didn't mess anything up! Not to mention I'll lose the whole execution history!"

Well, not anymore, because we've just added the option to change repository provider in an existing project! 🕺

To change the provider, go to the Project Options and switch to the Settings tab:

Project options window

Make sure the repository on the new provider is exactly the same as the original one (including commit history) or the project will be crashing when trying to load execution details.

The best idea is that you move the repo with the mirror option applied:

git clone –bare old_repo_url tmp_dir
cd tmp_dir
git remote add origin new_repo_url
git push –mirror

Buddy supports all popular Git hosting services, letting you choose the account, and project to resynchronize:

Provider selection

You can also easily switch to a private Git server:

Private Git server configuration

Buddy is 100% customer driven. If there’s a feature or integration you miss, let us know in the comments below or directly at support@buddy.works.

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