Automate Kubernetes deployments on Microsoft Azure AKS

November 6, 2018 | Last updated: September 21, 2020

Automate Kubernetes deployments on Microsoft Azure AKS

With the growing popularity of Microsoft Azure, adding support for AKS was just a matter of time.

In other words, if Satya Nadella is your man and you often run kubectl apply or kubectl set image, you can finally benefit from the blessings of Buddy’s automation.*

Kubernetes cluster selectionKubernetes cluster selection

How it all works

A typical Kubernetes workflow looks like this:

  1. Edit code or config YML
  2. Push changes to your Git repository
  3. Build a new Docker image with the updated files
  4. Authenticate in your AKS cluster
  5. Run kubectl apply or kubectl set image
Buddy lets you automate all these steps with a single push to Git.

Pipeline examplePipeline example

All you need to do is configure a delivery pipeline and integrate Buddy with your Azure account. There are five actions that you can use to automate Kubernetes tasks:

Kubernetes actionsKubernetes actions

  1. Run K8s Pod
    • runs a single process (pod) on your AKS cluster
  2. Run K8s Job
    • runs a series of pods and ensures that a specified number of them successfully terminate
  3. Apply K8s Deployment
    • transforms the containers to the desired state described in the config file
  4. Set K8s Image
    • updates the image of containers with the selected Docker image
  5. Kubernetes CLI – runs commands with kubectl in your AKS clusters
You can see how each action works in detail in our guide covering Kubernetes wokflow automation.
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* If you have a feeling that you've already read this article, yet with a slightly different content, you are right – a couple weeks ago we did an article on EKS support which appeared so good, we basically took the content and switched EKS to AKS. Don't hate us. 🤷‍♂️


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