Feature update: Auto-retry in actions

March 17, 2022

Feature update: Auto-retry in actions

In response to user feedback, we've introduced a couple of improvements to the auto-retry mechanism in pipeline actions. Read below for a full breakdown of changes.

Auto-retry forces the action to run again on failure. The option is turned off by default and can be activated in the action settings:

Auto-retry location in the action settingsAuto-retry location in the action settings

What you need to know

This is how the option worked before:

  • the action was marked as 'failed' on the first unsuccessful try
  • the interval between retries could only be set in minutes
  • the actions in the 'On failure' section were run on each retry

This is how it works now:

  • if the action fails, the event is noted in the action logs
  • the action status remains 'in progress'
  • delay time is now set in seconds (5400 seconds = 90 minutes max)
  • only after the last retry proves unsuccessful (10 tries max), the action is marked as 'failed'

Auto-retry settingsAuto-retry settings


  • retry_interval (recommended) Use this new variable to define the interval between retries. The value are seconds.
  • retry_delay (deprecated) The old variable will supported for a finite time to keep your current scripts and settings working. The value are minutes.
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