Webinar #1

Sept 16, 2020

Length: 56 min

How to deploy React.js with no downtime

Learn how to create a zero-downtime delivery pipeline for a React.js application with Buddy

Who is this webinar for:

React.js developers

Regardless if you're seasoned or just starting, there's a 100% chance you'll learn something new and useful.

DevOps Engineers

Learn how to cut down on the costs and deliver more software faster by optimizing your tools and processes.

Product Owners

Stop losing money on inefficient tools. Get everybody involved with the latest tech that will help your team adapt DevOps up to 87% faster.

What you're going to learn:

  • The basics of Buddy CI/CD deployment tool
  • How to create an atomic deployment pipeline
  • How to debug a job (action) in the terminal
  • How to add manual review to automatic deployment
  • How to reduce communication noise with conditional notifications


00:00  Introduction

02:22  Pipeline overview

03:10  Creating new project

04:30  Pipeline configuration (deployment branch, trigger modes)

06:43  Build configuration

10:19  Pipeline filesystem

11:10  Deployment configuration

15:01  Zero-downtime deployment configuration

19:38  Creating STAGING environment

22:24  Adding manual approval step

24:13  Notifications

28:39  Conditional notifications

30:52  Debugging actions in terminal

31:44  Summary

34:04  Q&A #1: YAML configuration

37:05  Q&A #2: Static site deployment to AWS S3

41:08  Q&A #3: iOS deployments

42:58  Q&A #4: Docker in Buddy

46:33  Q&A #5: Sandboxes

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