Webinar #10

February 2nd, 2022

Length: 1h 17 min

How to Design Accessible Websites

Learn what kind of limitations people with disabilities may encounter when browsing websites, and how to avoid them during the design process.

Who is this webinar for:

What you're going to learn:

  • The types of disabilities that need to be considered when designing a website
  • Assistive technology and strategies people with disabilities use
  • Barriers that people with disabilities often encounter
  • 10 things to remember every time you make new content


00:00  Introduction

02:38  Agenda

03:45  What is accessibility?

06:13  4 Reasons ‘Why accessibility’

08:12  What is a disability?

10:24  What a disability is not

15:05  Specific types of disabilities

21:00  Bridging the mismatch

31:37  Common failures on the web

34:17  Captions, transcripts, audio description

39:26  Color contrast

40:28  Alternate colors

42:04  Typography

43:18  Alternative text for images

45:38  Easy to understand

47:14  Visible text

48:07  White space & touch targets

49:13  Tab & reading order

50:27  Heading & other markup

55:07  How accessibility benefits everyone

55:22  Who is responsible

55:37  Where to go from here

56:58  What NOT to do

58:53  Q&A