Webinar #9January 12th, 2022Length: 60 min

A crash course in Jamstack with Headless WP, Astro, and Buddy

Learn how to set up a Jamstack delivery pipeline and bootstrap your WordPress website with Astro static site generator and Shifter Headless.

Who is this webinar for:

WordPress Developers

Check out the latest development workflows and learn how to get started with Jamstack WordPress.

Jamstack Developers

Learn how to reduce friction when developing with the WordPress CMS using Shifter Headless.

Product Owners

Know how to get your team up-to-speed with best practices using Buddy, Shifter Headless, and WordPress.

What you're going to learn:

  • The basics of setting up a Jamstack pipeline with Buddy with testing, distribution, and deployment
  • How to seamlessly bootstrap your WordPress site with Buddy, Astro static site generator, and Shifter Headless
  • How to set up a CI/CD environment for web apps with Buddy
  • How to create an environment for your Jamstack development workflow


00:00  Introduction

03:29  What is Astro? How does it differ from other Static Site Generators?

06:14  Background behind Stratic and their approach do Headless WordPress

13:50  Basic Astro concepts and syntax

22:00  The Philly Tap Finder project

23:59  Fetching data from Shifter

40:00  Deploying Astro with Buddy

43:00  Q&A

53:32  Wrapping up