Webinar #2

December 15, 2020

Length: 58 min

5 tips how to deliver WP like a PRO

From version control to improving code quality, learn how CI/CD can help you deliver better quality software faster.

Who is this webinar for:

WordPress Developers

You will learn how to deliver WordPress faster and more efficiently.

DevOps Engineers

You will learn how to easily set up a CI/CD process for your apps and websites.

All Buddy Users

You will learn how Buddy helps devs cope with new techs in practice


00:00  Introduction

04:20  Rule #1: Keep everything in version control

05:18  Supported Git providers

06:15  Configuration as code (YAML)

07:08  Pipeline overview

07:25  Rule #2: Automate everything

08:27  Configuration through UI

10:48  Parallelism

11:50  Project overview

12:15  Automatic deployment

14:52  Caching dependencies

17:12  Trigger conditions (actions)

21:02  Trigger conditions (pipeline)

22:44  Rule #3: Release often

25:32  Rule #4: Build quality in

27:36  Staging websites with sandboxes (introduction)

28:55  Sandboxes configuration

32:35  Launching WordPress in sandbox

38:36  Manual deployment confirmation

39:27  Visual tests

44:44  Rule #5: Plan. Do. Study. Act.

47:52  Summary

50:33  Q&A 1: WordPress backups

53:35  Q&A 2: Using Composer in WP

54:42  Q&A 3: Database migrations (MySQL)

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