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“It’s so easy to set up it almost encourages
doing more with your pipelines.”

Chris Coyier

Chris Coyier

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Fast to set up, fast to run.

  • 87% faster CI/CD adoption time by teams

    Even the most complicated CI/CD workflows take minutes to create. Buddy is DevOps adoption winner.

  • 12 seconds of average deployment time

    Smart changes detection, state-of-the-art caching, parallelism, and all-around optimizations make Buddy the fastest.

All Plans Include

  • Docker Layer

  • Concurrent
    Pipelines & Steps

  • vCPU and RAM

  • Reusable

  • Repository

  • Artifacts

  • Changeset-Based


Your team, super-powered.

  • Invite everyone to automation

    Buddy is a minimal-friction automation platform that makes DevOps easy for developers, designers and QA teams.

  • Embrace the newest toys faster

    Docker, Serverless, NoOps and ChatOps, are always click away from your stack.

  • Deliver instant results

    With Buddy, your apps & websites are built, tested and deployed significantly faster after only minutes of setup.


Your results, quadrupled.

  • x46more frequent deployments

    Compared to workflows with no automation, and 7x more to classic CI/CD tools.

  • +37 min.more time daily on new features

    Per developer. Yes, we measured it and it was fun.

  • x5lower failure rate after deployment

    Recover from failures with a click of a button.

Over 150 actions

Drag and drop actions and create delivery pipelines like a DevOps expert in a fully visualized UI. Buddy provides everything a software house or digital agency needs, allowing every developer to release more software in shorter time.

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