Web Delivery Redefined

Build faster and ship more with the most intuitive Docker-fueled CI/CD platform in the world.

Seamless Code Delivery

Define your own delivery process in minutes: from builds and tests, to deployments, custom scripts, and website monitoring.

Instant Deployments

Upload code to FTP/SFTP and cloud services: Amazon S3, Elastic Beanstalk, DigitalOcean, Kubernetes, Rackspace, Google Cloud, and more. Supports Rsync, Blue/Green and Atomic Deployments.

Trigger Modes

Update servers on every push to branch, run tests on time intervals, and deploy your app to Production with a single click.

Define your own stack

Select your language and framework, attach MongoDB, MySQL and ElasticSearch, install libraries and dependencies. Buddy has everything to get your build going.

DevOps Actions

Migrate DB's, run SSH scripts on your servers and automatically clear CDN cache after deployments.


Secure code from accidental deployments with branch permissions and visibility settings.

Test your Code

Secure the quality of your code with unit, integration, E2E and Selenium tests. Select the type and framework and let Buddy handle the rest.

Build and Automate

Fetch dependencies, compile code, build and compress CSS, JS, and images—Buddy gets the job done so you can focus on coding.

Simple setup

Configure delivery pipelines in a couple of minutes with over 50 actions divided into categories. It's as easy as building a house of bricks.

GUI or YAML configuration

Visualize your pipeline in the UI or define buddy.yml and push it to the repository to keep track of changes in your workflow.

Keep track of changes

Send custom messages after executions, run pipelines from Slack and get notified on your mobile when your website goes down.

Native Docker Support

  • Build Docker images

    Automatically build a Docker image on every push to the repository and push it to Docker Hub, ECR, GCR, or else

  • Run Docker images

    Launch your own Docker images as sandboxes or use them in pipelines to build applications.

  • Kubernetes and GKE integration

    Deploy your application to K8s or GKE on every push and automate your pods and jobs.

  • Swarm integration

    Build and deploy images to Docker swarm.

Serverless development with Sandboxes

Sandboxes solve your pains with dev hosting allowing you to run app from any branch without the need of setting up server.

Build and serve on one click

Build and launch your application directly from your Git repository with a single click.

Instant changes

Every push to the repository automatically updates your sandbox so it always reflects the latest version.

Terminal and browser

Run sandbox commands and browse its contents from a handy terminal.

Full stack service

Frameworks, services, databases—each sandbox contains everything you need to build and serve your app.

Docker native

Use your own Docker images to define the working environment of your application.

Buddy Enterprise

  • Install Buddy on your own bare-metal server, Amazon EC2, DigitalOcean or Microsoft Azure.
  • Store code in private repositories behind your own firewall or deploy from GitHub EE, Bitbucket, and GitLab hosted.
  • Set up a custom domain with your own trusted SSL certificate.
Download Buddy Enterprise

Seamlessly integrate Buddy with your existing environment with tens of integrations, or build your own apps with Buddy's API.

  • Amazon Web Services

    Amazon S3, Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2 Container Registry, CodeDeploy

  • Cloud services

    DigitalOcean, Heroku, Azure

  • Google Cloud Services

    Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, App Engine, Container Registry

  • Kubernetes & Google Container Engine

    Apply deployment, set deployment image, run pod/job

  • Notifications

    Slack, SMS, Email, New Relic, Pushbullet, Pushover

  • Docker

    Run builds in isolated Docker containers. Build custom images and push them to the registry

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