Buddy automatically sends pipeline status to GitHub and GitLab. Setting up a single pipeline with a wildcard * mode will test code in all your branches and give a corresponding status:

GitHub commits listGitHub commits list

Using status checks can improve the overall quality of the code. For example, if you use Gitflow, you can configure GitHub to block merging pull requests that have failed the tests: buddy.works/guides/how-protect-code-on-github-with-buddy

Disable Status Sending

However, for specific use cases you may want to disable sending status checks. Let's assume you have a project with a number of pipelines:

  • unit test pipeline run on every push to repo
  • integration test pipeline on the Staginge branch run once a day
  • delivery pipeline for code deployment to Dev/Stage/Production in manual mode

Buddy pipelinesBuddy pipelines

The execution status for each pipeline is automatically sent to GitHub/GitLab. However, there are cases where you don't want that – for example, when all tests are passing but there's a connection error during the deployment. From now on, status sending can be disabled in the pipeline options:

Disabling commit statusDisabling commit status

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