A small yet significant change, this week's update to Run Next Pipeline action will let you optimize your delivery process and release faster in handsome fashion. 😎

From now on, you can force the action to wait until the triggered pipeline has finished, before the original pipeline can proceed with the rest of actions. All you need to do is flip the switch:

Use case

Let's imagine that you want to update your application on Production. The frontend is made with Angular, the backend is Java. Both parts need to be built first, and the servers need to be switched to maintenance mode before the deployment. This would make for a very long and complicated pipeline and require both back and frontend code to be stored in one repository.

The new option allows you to combine releases from two separate projects into one: first, you deploy one repo, trigger the deploy from the second one, wait until it's finished, then post-deployment actions like web hooks or notifications:

Here's our second pipeline with the backend deploy:

If you need help setting up a pipeline for your use case, leave a comment or drop a line to support@buddy.works. Cheers!