In Buddy you can configure delivery pipelines either through GUI or YAML. Until now, pipelines were defined in one file called buddy.yml and stored in the ROOT of our repository. However, there are users who have tens of pipelines in a single project (the current record holder has over 400!), and managing such large numbers through YAML can prove troublesome, to say the least.

However, with this week's release you can split the definitions into multiple files that Buddy will read and parse:

  1. The buddy.yml file in the root folder of the repository (this doesn't change)
  2. All *.yml files in the .buddy directory
  • YAML syntax does not change
  • There is no limit on the number of pipelines per file

If a pipeline with the same ID is defined in several entries and/or files, the pipeline will be configured according to the last definition in line (files are processed alphabetically).

For more info on configuration-as-code and individual definitons of Buddy actions, see the YAML section of Buddy docs.