New feature: Remote approval URL

March 11, 2021

New feature: Remote approval URL

Continuous Deployment, a fully automated delivery process with no human interference – remains the Holy Grail of any team who decided to embrace automation in their workflow. Going 100% auto is hard to achieve, and most companies still prefer to leave the final shots to a human: be it merging changes to the master branch, or deploying a new version of the application to Production.

Buddy supports this approach with the Wait for approval action, one of the most popular (and useful) actions in ever added. The action lets you put the pipeline on hold so that the designated developer can examine the changes before manually proceeding with the execution. This week we release a useful feature that allows developers to instantly jump to the paused pipeline – the BUDDY_EXECUTION_APPROVE_URL variable.


The variable produces a URL that opens the approval box in your web browser. To use it, add a notification action of your choice before the Wait for approval action:

If you place it afterwards, the notification will not be sent because the pipeline will already have been paused.
In order to work, the variable must be entered manually to the message contents:

Once the message is sent, the variable will be transformed into a clickable link in the message:

Clicking the link will instantly move you to the paused pipeline in Buddy:

And that's it – another nifty feature that makes the dev's life easier. 😎

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Alexander Kus

Alexander Kus

Customer Success Manager

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