Introducing: New group features and action selection on run

October 27, 2022

Introducing: New group features and action selection on run

The team has been going strong lately, with new features landing faster than the Brits changing their prime ministers. Here's what's new in the store this week.

Admin groups

The admin group collects all users with admin rights in the workspace. It is a quick way to see who's in charge in the workspace, especially for bigger teams. Adding a user to the group basically means granting them admin rights, and, the same way round, removing a user from the group equals removing the rights:

Admin group overviewAdmin group overview

The workspace owner has permanent admin rights and cannot be removed.

You can access all groups in the workspace from the People tab:

Group list in People tabGroup list in People tab

New group option: Adding new projects

The second feature allows group members to add new projects in the workspace. You can grant it to an existing group, or, for example, create a new group gathering the project leaders in your company. The option is available in the Settings tab of the selected group:

Group settings overviewGroup settings overview

Action selection on pipeline run

The last novelty is the new Actions tab on the run preparation view. Here you can quickly unselect the actions that you don't want to run without turning them off permanently with the on/off button. It is more of a quality-of-life improvement, allowing developers to fine-tune their process on the fly.

Action selection on pipeline runAction selection on pipeline run

You can also send the list of actions to run in a parameter using the REST API.
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