New feature: Multiple GitHub integrations support

August 31, 2022

New feature: Multiple GitHub integrations support

GitHub users rejoice: a feature that many have been asking for has been released – it is now possible to add multiple integrations registered for the same GitHub account! This means, for example, that you can work on repositories from one GitHub account in two different workspaces.

You can add a new integration in the Integrations tab, or when adding a new project by clicking on the + under GitHub:

If you already have an integration connected to the GitHub account to which you've signed, a box with a warning will appear.

Make sure to read the warning and check your existing integrations before proceeding as any change to the permission settings affects ALL connected integrations.

In other words, if you change the settings of the Buddy App on GitHub, it will update all workspaces and projects in Buddy connected to your GitHub account.

Example use case

Let's assume you belong to a workspace in which you collaborate with other developers on selected projects hosted in your GitHub account. You decide to create another workspace for your private projects hosted in the same GitHub account. Next, you add a new integration in the workspace and give Buddy access to your private repositories.

At this moment, you provide access to these repositories in the other workspace integrated with this GitHub account. Make sure to bear this in mind!
This also concerns existing integrations in which you update the permissions settings.


Alexander Kus

Alexander Kus

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