Introducing: Buddy notifications

November 15, 2016

Introducing: Buddy notifications

The ticker notifications in Buddy has been deprecated and is no longer available. At the moment, only desktop notifications are enabled.

Buddy has a special feature that lets you track only what's important for you: following items. Whenever something happens in the item that you follow (repository or pipeline), a message will appear in the ticker menu:

Ticker notifications in BuddyTicker notifications in Buddy

Following events in the repository

You can follow events in your repository — like commits and merge requests decisions — by clicking Follow in the Code tab:

Following repository activityFollowing repository activity

Following events in the pipeline

If you'd like to be notified of triggered builds and deployments, go to the pipeline that you want to follow and click the option in the right column:

Following pipeline activityFollowing pipeline activity

Changing notification settings

By default Buddy is sending email notification about the followed items:

Changing notification settingsChanging notification settings

You can change this setting and a couple of other things in the ticker settings:

Introducing: Desktop notifications

We're happy to announce that release v1.4.9 brings desktop notifications, which further expand the functionality. All you need to do is accept the request from your browser on first login to your account. From then on, Buddy will keep you updated with messages even if you're not logged in at the site. Magic!

Activating desktop notificationsActivating desktop notifications


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