We're happy to announce that Buddy now officially supports GitLab as a Git provider. Setting up the integration is easy and only requires authorizing GitLab in your profile. Once you do that, it will appear on the list on the project creation screen.

Here's a detailed instruction on adding the integration:

  1. Go to your profile ID settings Profile managementProfile management

  2. Open the Integration list Integration listIntegration list

  3. Scroll down to bottom and click +Add on GitLab Adding an integrationAdding an integration

  4. Log in to your GitLab account and authorize Buddy GitLab login pageGitLab login page

That's it! GitLab is now synchronized with Buddy. All you need to do now is create a new project, select GitLab as your Git provider and choose the repo from which you want to ship code.

Creating a new project with GitLabCreating a new project with GitLab

Welcome aboard, GitLabbers!

Alex & the team at Buddy Twitter.com/BuddyGit Β§