May 31, 2022


New Features

  • New permissions module: Project Team


  • [Buddy v2.0] Redesigned views: Queue, repository connection switch
  • [Buddy v2.0] Redesigned actions: Deploy to App Store, Linux VM, services in builds
  • You can now find commits in the pipeline revision from a dropdown menu in the pipeline settings


  • [App Store integration] Fixed a bug with connected actions not being displayed on the Usage tab
  • [Wait for approval] Fixed a bug with an incorrect error if the action was run in parallel
  • [Submodules] Improved error handling for submodule fetching if the submodule key is deleted
  • Fixed a bug with the default port not being displayed when editing a service in a build action
  • Fixed a bug with the service crashing upon removing a permissions role destined to assign automatically to users/groups


Jarek Dylewski

Jarek Dylewski

Customer Support

A journalist and an SEO specialist trying to find himself in the unforgiving world of coders. Gamer, a non-fiction literature fan and obsessive carnivore. Jarek uses his talents to convert the programming lingo into a cohesive and approachable narration.