March 15, 2017


New features

  • The BIG feature that we announced last week has just left the testing phase and was merged to the DEV branch. If all goes well, it should be live in about one month


  • It is now possible to resynchronize the repository with your provider. Buddy uses webhooks to fetch information about changes in GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab repositories. Sometimes, for reasons independent from us, the web hooks did not reach our service and the changes were not reflected in Buddy. Clicking Resynchronize Repo in the Code tab will fetch the latest version of the repository and trigger dependent pipelines
  • When adding a new deployment action to a pipeline which has already been executed you will be asked if you want to deploy the files from scratch. This way there won't be any problems with badly calculated changesets on the first execution

Bug fixes

  • Some time ago we made some improvements to action validators and accidentally entered a bad regex which prevented adding actions containing an underscore. Fixed
  • There was a bug in one of the external libraries used to send the status of execution to GitHub which caused recurrent pipelines to crash. We have reported and fixed that on the very same day [applause]
  • If there are more than 100 files in the changeset the diffs for them are not displayed by default and you need to expand them manually. Sometimes there was a problem with that. Fixed
  • [Buddy GO] Fixed bug with the wrong number of concurrent executions available for Enterprise licenses. If you're a Premium user and still have this problem, please refresh your license at $URL_TO_STANDALONE/payments/license


Alexander Kus

Alexander Kus

Customer Success Manager

A story-teller and conversation-lover, Alexander decided to invest his skills to help his friends at Buddy transform the cold language of patch notes into exciting narratives. Also: an avid gamer, hip-hop DJ, Liverpool FC fan, absentminded husband, and the father of two.